Healthcare for refugees in Moria Camp

Healthcare is more than just access to medicine.           

It is compassion.

It is dignity.

It is empathy.

It is human.

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It is not hopeless

Healthbridge Medical was founded due to the exceptional need for additional medical services in Lesvos, Greece. The epicentre of the Greek refugee crisis, Lesvos has struggled to assist and adapt to the influx of refugees. In the summer of 2019, numbers sharply increased, and the existing camps became overwhelmed. The impact of this increase in people on Lesvos' existing medical centres was major. Driven by the needs of refugees, Healthbridge Medical seeks to work with the Greek medical systems to provide urgent care to refugees in Lesvos.

By the numbers

400% above official capacity - Moria Refugee Camp

1 Hospital on Lesvos

75% of refugees report severe mental health issues

Dozens of emergency cases daily


We can do this with your support

The Aegean Islands are beyond capacity, impacting both the local and refugee populations. With Moria camp at 400% over capacity and current medical resources stretched thin, there is a need for additional medical care. We are raising money to be able to provide medicine, medical care, medical equipment and emergency care to refugees, in an effort to support other acting healthcare facilities. 

Primary and Secondary Care

Our vision is to create a medical facility on-site at Moria Camp, where approximately 17% of the island’s current population lives. Offering primary and secondary care, as well as pre-emergency screening, the on-site urgent care centre will work with locals to alleviate the burden of an over-crowded emergency room at Mytilene General Hospital, as well as at the local IKA Hospital. The provision of more services on-site at Moria will mean Greek residents will be able to access healthcare more quickly in Mytilene, and staff will not be overworked.

A Collaborative Model

Our mission is to provide high-quality medical services to the population in Moria Camp in an effort to both treat and prevent common health problems. We believe that by working different hours and with a more varied medical staff than current medical actors in Moria, we will be able to offset the high numbers of Moria residents who continue to seek healthcare in Mytilene. This collaborative approach is the future model for addressing an ongoing crisis. It is our intention that with an appreciation and respect for the local Greek’s needs, we are able to help absolve some of the issues that have come from an increased population with complex medical needs.

Volunteer Opportunities


When not responding to emergencies, you will assist with the daily running of the clinic (including triage, dressings, stock management and other duties as required).


We have a range of roles for nurses, including emergency response (as part of a mobile team), triage, wound closure and dressings and patient consultations.


We have a need for many types of doctors, including emergency, general practitioners, infectious disease, pediatricians, and gynaecologists.

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