1. How will the funds you raise be used?

Any project has many start-up funds; from renting land, to purchasing equipment, to offering stipends to those who will be working hard every single day. Initially, the funds will be used to cover monthly rent of land, ISOBOX containers to create examining rooms, and to purchase medical equipment. Financial and ethical transparency is critical to our organization. 

2. How will you get medicine?

We intend to team up with different non-profit organizations who distribute non-expired medications and medical equipment that is no longer needed in other parts of the world. These non-profit organizations exist worldwide, and we intent to contact as many as possible to ensure we are never short on medication or supplies. If you are able to contribute, please  contact us.

3. Are you doing this alone?

It's impossible to do anything alone! From inspiration from others, to logistical challenges, this project has been in the works for a long time. We have consulted with doctors from all over the world, and have built a team here who are heading various roles - logistics, supplies, legalities, medicine, and more.

4. Why should I support?

There are thousands of refugees trapped on Lesvos, and other Greek islands. While our focus is on Lesvos, we would like to believe we can set a model for working with Greeks and non-Greeks to help alleviate some of the pressure on the local healthcare infrastructure. If locals are able to access healthcare more quickly, and refugee claimants in Moria are able to access healthcare without having to travel to the city, we can help both populations. Moria is made up of dozens of nationalities - and it strikes me that at any moment, what was once a safe place to call home can suddenly collapse into chaos. Simply: it can happen anywhere, to anyone, for any reason. For now, those of us in a fortunate position should be doing what we can to help those who are in a less-fortunate position. Together we can work for the betterment of many, so that one day, if we are passing through a hard time, we can remember people exist to look after one another.

5. Do you accept volunteers?

You bet! Click here for more information on volunteering.

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